Core Values

Believing & Achieving Together to be the Best We Can Be

We believe that every pupil is unique in the sight of God.  As a Church of England school we aim to create an atmosphere of serving Christ in others and to provide a Christian environment for every pupil, including opportunities to worship together and with our local community.

We seek to preserve and develop the school’s Christian ethos in accordance with the principles and practice of the Church of England.  We believe that the school should serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality in the context of Christian belief.  Within our school we create and promote opportunities for pupils and adults to gather together in collective Acts of Worship.  Through the school we encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and we promote Christian values through the experience and environment the school offers to all its pupils.

Our Values:


You may have heard your children talk about HEART, but have they told you want it stands for?

HEART sums up our school’s core Christian values – these are the aspirations and beliefs at the centre of the school, in how we teach, treat each other, learn and grow.

H – Happiness
E – Empathy
A – Achievement
R – Reflection
T – Trust

With God’s LOVE and LOVE for one another encircling all of the above values.

HEART came from the pupils, teachers, parents, governors and wider community. We asked you back in the autumn term 2010 what you valued about the school, what you thought made us special and unique. Your questionnaires were then used as the basis for a staff and governor inset day, where your comments were disseminated, and eventually HEART was born.

We integrate HEART into everyday school life. There are HEART message boards in each classroom, acts of worship have used HEART as the theme and related it to bible stories, and children who have demonstrated the HEART qualities have been awarded the HEART certificate of merit.

So ask your children what HEART is all about!